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The home of many middle-class and wealthy individuals, Alaris is a relatively safe system on which to live. The environment is peaceful and closely monitored in order to be maintained. The natural born population here are known to be kinder and more understanding towards the clone population. So long as clones are serving their function they are often thanked and praised for their efforts.

Nestled in The Western Region, Alaris, The System, contains five hospitable planets; Alaris, Bantin, Caltoh, Dalmouth, and Ewai. As the leader of the five planets, Alaris, the planet, named it's capitol city Quin-Point which is a reference to the meeting point to all five of the Alarin planets.

A modern and powerful planet, Alaris is a restful paradise for any natural-born looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the core worlds. Alaris provide leisure opportunities including many beaches, shopping centres, cinemas, concert halls and athletics centres. Gambling has been banned across the system to prevent Alaris becoming a hub of degradation like Vuclidia. Authorities go to great lengths to ensure that the peace of the system is kept.

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