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The Baz Units are one of the distinct strains of clones created by The Collective to form a part of their Labour/ Military force. Baz Units specialise in technical engineering. Some of their enhanced abilities include precision, technological intuition and intense focus. Baz Units are known for their ability to adapt and create technology quickly.

A notable member of the Baz Strain is Baz Anders, former General of The Alliance.

In The Series[]

There are several major Baz's in The Orphans. The first is Baz (callsign unknown) from series 1. The second is Baz Guilroy, the protagonist of Facility.

The third is Baz Anders, one of the founding members and general of the Alliance - the clone rebellion.

In addition to these, there also some minor Baz characters - specifically Baz Harrold and Baz Hopps, who appear in Investigation.