Jarris is the furthest settled system in the galaxy. Formerly in control of The Collective, Jarris was cut off from supply chains and now occupies the area of space known as Wild Space. Now controlled by a number of black markets, Jarris is home to brothels and drug manufacturing. As the original purpose of the system was to mark the border of Collective territory and serve as a base of operations for any further expansion, when the planet was cut off due to The Alliance War, all Collective workers were recalled and their homes and places of work abandoned. The main export of Jarris is now illegal narcotics which are supplied to the rest of Wild Space. Brothels are also known to operate on Jarris. They cater to the more deviant fantasies of those who come to the system as to pull appeal away from systems such as Vuclidia who offer similar yet more tame services.

The capital city of Jarris is Pinoeer's Rest. It is so named to signify this as the place where those worked to expand the galaxy finally rested. There has not been expansion in the galaxy for more than a five-hundred years..

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