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Located in the North-East of the Western region, Segara is a wealthy planet at the edge of Collective space. Best known for its unusual climate and geology, the planet is twice the size of most settled worlds, and entirely covered in ocean. The ocean is sealed by a thick layer of ice that wraps like a shell around the planet, ranging from around 2km deep at its most shallow to more than 100km. On the surface: eight mining settlements mine and export the ice to the rest of Collective space. It is Segara's most valuable resource, and for this reason the planet is known as 'The Sapphire in the Collective Crown.'

Whilst the mining stations are entirely operated by clones, there are another eight settlements on the planet. These are located on the seabed, and boast mixed natural born and clone populations. The seabed settlements are responsible for maintaining Segara's second greatest resource: enormous populations of marine life, that were introduced to the planet's empty oceans by the first settlers.

Comillas is the capital city of Segara, located on the seabed directly below Comillas mining station in the South pole. It's the only settlement on which residents can afford to invest in leisure activities, and as such has become a popular tourist hot spot. Whoever is mayor of Comillas represents the interests of Segara as a whole to Collective space.

The second biggest settlement on Segara is Thetis, on the North pole. After this are Amphitrite and Galatea, to the East and West respectively, and then another four smaller settlements: Halie, Melite, Pherusa and Nesaea.

Every seabed settlement has a corresponding mining station. Transport between settlements is managed by the Segaran Sea Lifts: massive industrial structures which connect the planet's surface to the seabed.

In order to manage the planet's enormous ocean, Segara works on the Marine Cycle. The ocean has been split into 40 sections: each settlement manages five of these over the course of 564 days, which is a full solar orbit on Segara. The planet's famous Marine Festival happens once every two cycles, when the Marine Cycle returns to Comillas. It's a month long celebration, which ends in the Silver Carnival.

Segara is largely a middle-class planet. There are some wealthy people in Comillas, but few on the other settlements, and Comillas is also full of refugees and immigrants. Tolerance between natural-borns and clones is usually good, however this depends heavily on the current Mayor of Comillas' views. Local press, in particular The Mariner newspaper, also has a heavy influence on popular opinion.

Notable figures in the history of Segara include Ching Shih, the woman who founded Comillas; Bill Hearst, infamous founder of The Mariner newspaper; and Noah Roberts, 7th Mayor of Comillas and a major advocate for clone rights.