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Vuclidia is a planet located in a system of the same name. It was well known before The Alliance War for it's entertainment and gambling facilities. It was often the playground of the very wealthy. The climate was maintained as an oasis for the pleasure of those visiting the entertainment districts.

On the far side of the planet strip mining operations mined the planet for Quartz, an element used in the creation of energy based weapons. By the time The Battle of Vuclidia arrived most of the planets resources had been stripped away. The result on the atmosphere was catastrophic. The atmosphere could not be maintained without very expensive and constant use of the technology used to create an enjoyable climate in the entertainment districts.

When making their primary assault on the region now known as Wild Space, The Alliance targeted Vuclidia as a way to demonstrate the vapid nature of those running The Collective. During the assault much of the atmosphere controlling technology was destroyed. Because of the lack of natural atmosphere and a viable ecosystem the planet was unable to heal from the attack and much of the fallout is still felt on the planet. As a result The Atmosphere is barely tolerable by the human body. Toxic dust storms are frequent. However significant entertainment facilities still remained on the system and remained operational. The population of this system have adapted using atmospheric isolation to protect themselves and their clientele who still frequent this much more elicit Vuclidia.

Neither The Alliance nor The Collective were able to maintain control of the system and as a result a powerful Black Market began to flourish on the system. Many mobs now vie for control of the various cities.